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Опубликовано: 2762 дня назад (29 ноября 2014)
Блог: Канада
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Yo, what's up people? Let's get this going!

What do you guys think of Euromaidan and current situation in Ukraine?

гражданство через замужество | Канада vs Аргентина. А может в Канаду через Аргентину?
Влад Шаймарданов # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:57
Ukraine is fully independent country. And people should choose their government not a Russia
Space Illusion # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:57
Dirty Informational war. Welcome to 21 century.
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:58
The situation is tense. As it turned out, our former President "sold" secret myitary information to Putin. Now, mylitary bases are occupied by russian soldiers which demand to Ukrainin Generals surrender without a fight and join Russia.
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:59
Space Illusion is right in a way that truly this is 21 century, we live in an informational era and society. So the best way to go against someone is to portray them in a bad light. So by all means it's hard to decide how are the bad guys, who started the escalation of violence- west (EU or USA) or east (Russia). Whos influence if to be exact. However you definitely cannot blame people of Ukraine for their strive towards better uncorrupted society and freedom from previous president and his party. It's most understandable thing ever. Any country would want that. Although not any country has guts to do that, some lack spirit, others lack ability and resources. Personally been twice in Kiev since December and perfect well know how sick ukrainians were of Yanukovich and his Party of Regions. So there's no doubt that nation took a right direction with its riots, however along the way there's always political interest. Money, power...so basically with all the wrong moves taken by Yanukovich (with Putin's support) and of course I would assume some influence from west as well on the side of the opposition it all led to tons of killings.... Sad very sad. And even now it is not even over, in fact it may be even worse. God bless Ukraine. Hopefully it will be resolved without any more people's lives. Damn politicians and oligarchs.
Максим Милитанов # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:59
Just wow. Why are you so negative about Russia? Ukranians always were like brothers to me. I don't want to see the war between our nations. About the corruption. What can you expect from the society where basically everything is corrupted? Even if you want to present something to the doctor or police officer in sign off your thankfulness is the corruption. Try to do this in Canada or USA. In school my dad had to pay for the good marks on finals so why do you say that only Yanukovich and his party are bad when the society itself is corrupted
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:59
Дарина, but what is Ukrainian interim government is doing at this point to resolve the issue?! Not the BS on the TV, but literally?! Why not one member of the parliament did go to Crimea and started talking to russian representatives. Why instead of telling people to mobilize and get armor, parliament reps are not calling Putin and started resolving the issue in a more diplomatic way?! So far don't really see anything positive from the new government....IMHO...
Арслан Муратович # 29 ноября 2014 в 22:59
This is kinda serious topic. Why must it begin with "Yo, people"? :)

As for me, I'm a Russia citizen. Very concerned about unity of this country (UA). And I don't support at all those people who are being like "Oh, cool, let them devide" and so on.
Every country must stay inseparable no matter the outsiders interests may be.

Still it always depends on the interests of this country's citizens. And again to make such kind of decision the situation must be different and people's mood shouldn't be escalated by agression factors, they shouldn't be "pushed" to the "right" decision.
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:00
Дмитрий, because russian president do not want to start a dialog with our new government.What we can do in this situation?Putin is ignoring USA,UK,Germany!he does not care about geopolitical issues at all
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:00
Максим, I did not quite see where anyone in here said that Russian people are bad?! Show me, but your president Putin is a retard, just as ours was...To send troops into an independent state??!!!! U serious??!!! Regarding the corruption, I agree that the problem is deeper than just the government, but trust you have no idea how bad things went since 2010 when Yanukovich and his party came to power. No offense, u just don't know....
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:00
Дарина, hope for the best, expect the worst ;) Keep on addressing public speeches calm and steady to him, meanwhile getting whatever troops we have closer to the border and ask for help from NATO
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:01
Дмитрий, i do not know what to expect from russian Hitler. He claims that ryssian troop are there to protect russian citizens?By what means?By demanding our army to surrunder? to join RF? what is this?
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:01
Арслан, respect! Hope is not lost. I hear of so many conscious russians who understand and respect others.
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:01
good example of just how two days ago I believe some russian kid put waiver RF lag over Harkov city hall.....I wonder how would russian nation react if ukrainians come to their country and start putting UA flags over their city halls just to "protect UA people" from being assulted by russian government?! this whole thing Putin started is a joke....but there's no fun in it....
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Дарина, this is total international dictatorship. And even it won't end well for Ukraine, it definitely won't end well for Russia just as well. Ukraine is no 3 mil ppl Goergia. That's gotta be another story....
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Дмитрий, i'm talking not only about Ukraine(It may start from Ukraine.I can not imagine a WAR in 21 century((
Максим Милитанов # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Dmitry, well i will agree that i don't know many things that are going on there but i hope and pray that there will be no blood spilled not Ukrainian, not Russian.
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Дарина, well I guess Yugoslavia also couldn't imagine a war before it started in 1990s. Georgia I guess also didn't imagine it back in 2008!!!
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Дмитрий, ooh)thanks for support(
Дмитрий Григоренко # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:02
Дарина, =)))) don't get me wrong.... hope for the best, remember ;)
Дарина Плетень # 29 ноября 2014 в 23:04
Дмитрий, Now all my thoughts with Ukraine and my native Chernigov.because russian troops are already there((it is hard for me think positevely

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